About Us


I live in southern Colorado with my wife Sheila, an unruly blue heeler named "Buster" and a flock of Jacob Sheep. The desert out our back door,   hay fields out our front door and the Rocky Mountains about 15 minutes away.
I have always liked working my hands and have over the years found out my favorite material is metal ,especially used horseshoes and old rusty stuff that other people throw away.
Over the years I've built my own forge ,anvils, various tools , and have put together a small machine shop.
Most of my education is "on the job training" and "screwing it up til I get it right" aka "The School of Hard Knocks" Of which I'm not a graduate of yet!!
Hope y'all enjoy the things I put on the website and buy some of them.
God Bless Charlie (Desert Flats Farm)