Horseshoe Cowboy Hat Rack (New Horseshoe)

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I have made these hat racks for a long time and decided I would offer something just a little different. Instead of Used Horseshoes I am offering ones made out of New Horseshoes for those of you who like things a little more symetrical. I am using 00 lite shoes which are about 4 1/4 inches wide and about 4 3/4 inches tall. I make the cross piece out of 1/4 inch round stock and it is about 10" wide and it sticks out about 10" from the wall. They are painted satin black. HATS with a brim wider than 4 1/2 " are going need a longer round piece on it so let me if you need it !!! Hardware to hang them is included .

This hat rack is designed in such a way to keep your good hat in good shape or your favorite hat handy . Quantity and custom orders available.

NOTE: The shipping cost on these hat racks are; 10 Dollars USD for the first one and 5 dollars each for additional ones.

These are the same low cost as the ones made with used horsehoes.

"Thanks For Lookin"